All About the GMIH Apparel Brand

What's Behind the GMIH Apparel Name?

GMIH Apparel is the love-child birthed from its founder Shaun.  In 2006 Shaun underwent the greatest challenge of his life: losing his mother after her long battle with cancer. 

"When you are at your deepest and darkest moment, it seems that is when God turns on the spotlight. My prayer had always been for God to lead us out of the darkness and into the light.  And just when I was beginning to think there was not any light remaining in life, God showed me how I could continue to honor the memory of my mother and bring even greater glory to Him." 


                                          This is when GMIH Apparel was born.

                                              GMIH - "God Makes It Happen"



Our Commitment

Our goal at GMIH Apparel is to never forget the source of our blessings, our strength, our life. Mark 10:27 reminds us, that what man thinks is impossible, with God ALL things are possible. 


We also believe in honoring God with the tithe. 10% of all profits are given back to God through our local church and used for programs deemed necessary to further the spread of the Gospel. 


Where We Are Located

Our facility is based out of Cincinnati, OH. We are a family owned and operated business.  Simply stated we come from humble beginnings - one man and the dream God planted within him.  Since we are a family business, you can always expect the best customer service and a pleasant experience whenever you contact us.


Our Product Line

The products we bring to you as part of our GMIH Apparel line are designed to deliver a message of inspiration and hope.  Even if you choose an item that only carries our logo, there is the inherent message built into our logo (see Our Logo). We at GMIH Apparel are passionate about our commitment to shine the light on God and to give Him glory. We also believe that is our job to be a good steward over our physical body as well.  This is why we choose to focus our creative energies on bringing you uniquely designed t-shirts, active wear and accessories. 

We know without a doubt that God Makes It Happen and we want to make a believer out of you as well!


Our Superstars

CEO and Founder: Shaun

As we grow and expand, we are always looking for talented, faith-filled artists and other professionals who share the vision and share in our love for Christ.


Contact Us

Phone: (513) 307-4569


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